About Us

Business Speak Ltd is a UK based training company with a small subsidiary in France. The directors of Business Speak are husband and wife team Franck Peters and Mary Crouch.

Franck was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1961 and spent his childhood in Japan and Australia. He originally trained in hotel management and subsequently was also involved in hospitality training in hotels in England and Germany. After 13 years of working in hotel management it was time for a fundamental change. In 1994 he decided to retrain and become involved in communication training in English.

What has proven to be a unique asset is his ability to live and work in both an Anglo-Saxon and German environment. Understanding both mentalities as well as being constantly exposed to different cultures together with his hotel background puts him in a unique position to support clients who work in strategic and operational projects in which cross cultural awareness is paramount to success.

He has been involved in providing communication solutions in various projects, which include, amongst others, a global roll-out of SAP for EvoBus (1998 – 2000), communication consulting whilst setting up a Korean greenfield site for Daimler-Hyundai Truck Company (1999 – 2002), providing communication and cross cultural support for Mercedes Benz and Chrysler Inc. Product Controllers (1998 – 2008), various Transfer of Technology projects with Chinese and Russian Joint Venture partners together with Bombardier Transportation (1997 – current).
Other projects have focused on providing communication and cross cultural support for Walmart’s American employees in Germany as well as its German employees (1998 – 2002).

Various smaller and mid-sized projects with other organisations round off his portfolio of experience.

In early 2014, after several years of experimenting and planning, Franck launched the European Guest Lecture Series concept.

Mary, who also has many years of experience in hospitality management, conducts hotel inspections around the world. Her other responsibility is to consolidate her husband’s creativity into proper administrative structures.

Both live in France and England and their daily lives are influenced by a mixture of international communication and cultures and the respective challenges that invariably accompany such situations.