What will I learn?

The simulations will make you experience an intense and compressed reality and it is this experience which will show and teach you how good your communication skills and soft skills are when working in a different language.

The simulation will show and teach if your communication skills will enable you:

1. to communicate in a clear and professional manner
2. to get your message across
3. to present and convince others to understand and accept your thoughts, ideas,
concepts and experiences
4. to communicate, face to face or on the phone, in meetings, presentations, negotiations in a multi-cultural and multi-level team
5. to create and formulate vision and mission statements

The simulation will also show and teach you if working in a different language your soft-skills will enable you:

1. to be a team player
2. to think creatively and dynamically
3. to be goal oriented and focussed, meet milestones while handling other pressure
4. to be able to work in a multi-national and multi-cultural team
5. to help and support others in your team so that you and the team are successful
6. to accept mistakes and learn from them
7. to accept responsibility