Simulations are our method to train you or your team. 

The goal of our business communication training is to improve participants’ effectiveness when communicating in another language.

The simulations are our method to strengthen both verbal and written communication skills, from message creation, formulation to delivery in a wide range of different scenarios and settings. A simulation also extends into becoming aware of one’s soft skills when working in another language.

Our method is supported by our highly realistic simulations, we use a fictitious simulation partner . This is another organisation whose members of staff “interact” with our course participants.

Feedback is instantaneous and realistic because it primarily comes from the other participants who, depending on the group constellation, can be from different organisations and/or national backgrounds.

Adapting to the feedback is possible because the thoroughness (reflected in the realism, duration and complexity of the simulations) gives participants as well as the trainer the necessary time to evaluate and introduce corrective measures thereby ensuring a successful outcome.