Our simulations are the programmes coming from four different sources. 

1) A direct request from your organisation’s management (Direct Request Simulation)
2) By you and your team, based on our simulation partner’s choice of topics. (Theme Based Simulation)
3) As part of a general programme called the European Guest Lecture Series. (EGLS)
4) Our strictly, non-business, Joie de Vivre programme.

The goal of any simulation is to prepare a presentation / document which you will deliver at the end of the simulation.

A  theme based simulation’s three stages are embedded in five milestones. The five milestones are:

1. Finding the common denominator (Stage 1)
2. Vision Statement ( Theme based & EGLS simulation only)
3. Planning (Stage 2)
4. Mission Statement (Theme based & EGLS simulation only)
5. Delivery (Stage 3)

At the heart of the simulations are a series of meetings, each with a chair person and secretary.

While the simulation partner may be fictitious, there are characters with whom you will interact by email. They may deliberately disrupt the simulation to focus on certain learning topics.  

A secure Learning Management System accompanies and complements the training process.