European Guest Lectures

The European Guest Lecture Simulations (EGLS) provide a unique opportunity to test communication and soft skills and learn from different sources.

Who for?
Employees in functional roles from different organisations and ideally, from different national backgrounds.

Simulation Content
The group creates its own topic based on finding their common denominator. The group is also responsible for setting its own goals and milestones.

Simulation Process
Real meetings with the aim of fulfilling the specified goal within the stipulated time frame. Each person has an opportunity to be the chairperson and the secretary. Support and disruptions come from our fictitious simulation partner via email and the on-line campus.

Delivery Goal
Individual presentations, presented as a team, at a special EGLS day held in Cleebourg in May or November each year.

Compact:        3 consecutive days
Enterprise:     1 day per week, 4 weeks
Academic:      1 day per month, 4 months
Project:           1 day per month, 6 months

The participant benefits from being placed in a situation in which he/she and the other team members form a newly created, international project team. They must self manage the project, find a common denominator. In regular meetings, the group must create and deliver a presentation. The process starts with a blank sheet of paper, moves to concept creation and concludes with a delivery in a real world environment.  In our Academic and Project formats, face to face meetings are enhanced by virtual team work.