Themed Simulation

Our themed simulations focus communication skills and soft skills in which the common denominator is a specific topic.

Who for?
Employees in functional roles from different organisations and ideally, from different national backgrounds.

Simulation Content
A common theme (eg. Sales, Best Practices, Quality). Either the group sets its own goal or a goal is set by another person.

Simulation Process
Real meetings with the aim of fulfilling the specified goal within the stipulated time frame. Each person has an opportunity to be the chairperson and the secretary. Support and disruptions come from our fictitious simulation partner via email and the on-line campus.

Delivery Goal
A presentation or documentation in line with the theme and the goal.

Compact:        3 consecutive days
Enterprise:     1 day per week, 4 weeks
Academic:      1 day per month, 4 months
Project:           1 day per month, 6 months

The organisation and the participants benefit by combining a training programme with a specific theme also allowing the exchange of knowledge and ideas with other parties.